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Problem Statement.

How do you break down the walls of tattoo taboo?

Mario Barth has long been declared “King Ink” His highly successful tattoo franchise, and tattoo ink company set the standards for quality and artistry. But the tattoo pioneer refused to rest on those laurels.
Mario wanted to erase the stigma that was associated with tattoo culture. But how?
How do you educate tattoo seekers about the dangers of the inks that fall beneath their skin? How do you break down the walls of tattoo taboo?

Starlight Tattoo

Managing an elite brand in the tattoo industry is no easy task, especially when everywhere you look another competitor seeks to play the role of the usurper.

With tattoos becoming more and more trendy, Starlight tattoo needed to connect with their audience and remind them why they were the superior choice.

Intenze Tattoo Ink

When you’re putting something into your body that will stay there for the rest of your life, you had better be sure that you’re using a product that wont harm you.

Intenze’s rigorous process and safety standards helped to established the brand as the safest and longest lasting tattoo ink on the market.

The challenge was to educate artists and clients alike about the dangers of substandard inks, while showcasing legendary tattoo artists as channel partners.

The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth

When you’ve conquered the tattoo world, whats left?

Why not conquer the arts & entertainment industry as well. Tattoo culture is often linked to the “rock and roll” lifestyle, so it only made sense to merge the two realms, in an art and music convention called “The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth”

King Ink

When you have successfully married tattoo culture with rock and roll culture, you need to have a place for all to gather.

Kink Ink Las Vegas was designed and built to be the ultimate tattoo and rock lounge in the world.
Playing host to high profile musical showcases, and celebrity clients, King Ink was the premiere and premium tattoo experience.


Tattoo Royalty

This ad campaign was centered around Mario Barth, the founder of Starlight Enterprises and tattoo pioneer.

Tattoo Lifestyle

Tattoo’s aren’t just pieces of art to decorate ones skin. They are membership cards to a large community rich with culture, history and tradition.
Starlight tattoo focused this ad campaign on showcasing the lifestyle behind that community.


Bowery Ink

“Bowery” Stan Moskowitz is a legend in the tattoo industry. Known for his traditional tattoo style, and his use of a ball peen hammer on those who would look to “cause trouble”. This classic renegade made a name for himself in the tattoo world. Bowery Stan teamed up with Intenze to create a line of tattoo ink that replicated the colors used “Down on the Bowery” back in the 50’s

Mario Barth’s Gold Label

Mario Barth personally developed this product for five years. The advanced pigment is the first pigment made sterile without the use of radiation, and has been certified by an accredited laboratory to still be considered sterile after one year in the bottle. This 19 color set, became the premium choice for all artists.

Prior to the UI/UX revamp, was merely an online brochure housing information about the company, rather than the products. The Starlight digital team endeavored to create an e-commerce platform that offered a quick purchasing solution while also educating artists and customers about the quality and safety of the products. 


The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth

The B.TS.O.E was a 3 day arts and entertainment festival hosted in Las Vegas. The festival featured artists from all over the world and some of the biggest names in Rock, showcasing their abilities, and their tattoos for a (certified) World Record crowd. The campaign involved promotional material geared at driving awareness, and ticket sales, while soliciting sponsorship opportunities.


Long Live the King

Reflecting the moniker of it’s creator Mario Barth, Kink Ink’s brand markings and styling standards reflected the personality of the man himself. “Royalty with an Edge”. The Skull and Crown is the perfect marriage between the artistry and sophistication of Mario’s work, and the rock star persona he lives by.

Designing the Night

Kink Ink was set to become one of Las Vegas’ premier night life locations. An elegant blend of a luxury tattoo shop, night club, and lounge, this venue was set to attract the elite of arts and entertainment industry. 


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