Associate Creative Director – UX Designer – Photographer

Problem Statement.

How do you elevate a brand that already sits atop of the luxury jewelry industry?

Scott Kay has been acclaimed as one of the foremost authorities in the bridal / fashion jewelry business.
A pioneer, and innovator Scott Kay cemented himself as one of the industry leaders when it comes to quality, and design.
So how do you elevate a brand that already sits atop of the luxury jewelry industry?
With an influx of “chain” jewelry brands popping up, and the ever evolving digital marketplace, it was necessary to evolve not only the brand, but the means in which the customers experienced the brand.


Centered around a re-vamped brand philosophy, the creative team at Scott Kay looked to evolve and modernize the brand to reflect the principals of: “American Craftsmanship” “Emotional Connection” and a “Never Compromise” attitude.

Ad Campaign

Driven by the slogan “Your proposal is the most intimate conversation you’ll ever have” The creative team at Scott Kay delivered a series of ad units that were used for all print and digital promotions.


In addition to standard product photography, Scott Kay aimed to show a more “artistic” side of their products, giving their consumers a greater appreciation for the detail and craftsmanship that goes into every piece Scott Kay makes.

UX – Web Design

Scott Kay’s web presence prior to 2010 was limited to a digital business card. Given the rise of the e-commerce market in the jewelry industry, it was imperative for Scott Kay to join the digital marketplace. Through market research, focus groups, and channel partnership collaborations, a comprehensive set of requirements were achieved leading to a foundation for a brand new web and mobile experience.



Modernizing the brand marking was one of the top priorities for the creative team. Through a vigorous type and logo exploration, the team was able to create a look that was clean and modern, but still carried a classic appeal. 

Brand Colors

Scott Kay’s brand colors are meant to illicit the feeling of luxury and royalty. 

Primary Accent Color
–68, G–21, B–99

Secondary Accent Color
–30, G–30, B–30

SK Royal Blue
–56, G–67, B–94


Intimacy & Emotion

“Your proposal is the most intimate conversation you’ll ever have” was the driving slogan for the Scott Kay “Emotions” campaign. The campaign was designed to capture that once in a lifetime closeness that a proposal brings.


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