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Digital Camera Technology has given the world the ability to take pictures at any given moment. But this isn’t just any ordinary moment.


So why take an ordinary picture?


Anyone can invest a few hundred dollars on equipment and sell themselves as a photographer. But that does not make them a photographer.


What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to excellence. We use state of the art camera equipment to ensure every detail is captured exactly as it exists in real life.


Much like traditional film photography, only half the battle is the actual capture. Without proper development, any image no matter how great the compostion, can fall tragically flat. The development process accounts for 75% of the work.


We do NOT use one touch filters, or cheap skin smoothing blurs. Our images are each hand edited employing techniques utilized by the world’s most accomplished re-touch artists, to ensure that your images don’t look cheap, cheesy, or over processed.


Don’t trust just anyone to capture life’s most important moments. Trust the professionals who put the same amount of time and care into your images, As you would put into your relationship, career, or business.




Don’t just take a picture. Capture a Moment.
Your wedding is the most important day of your life.
Don’t trust just anyone with your memories.






Engagements, Fashion, Modeling, and more.
For true luxury, quality, and class. There is only one name you can trust.




Product Photography, Ad Campaigns, Catalog Images, and more
Take your business to the next level, by increasing your brand’s visual integrity.




Mark Fischgrund was born somewhere, and then grew up. He lived in a place and did things for a long time, Then he moved and did other things.


Mark has worked for several companies, both huge, and super huge, doing creative stuff like making pictures, telling people how to take pictures, spinning interwebs, and directing creators. He liked doing this, but he liked taking pictures more than he liked making already taken pictures sell something.


So Mark bought himself a camera… No not an iPhone…


He likes pictures of mountains and beaches, so he took lots of pictures of them.That was fun, but he still wanted more.


So Mark looked at the sun. He became a really big fan of how it lit stuff up, but this joy was short lived, for the Sun’s arch enemy the moon decided he too wanted to be in pictures, and tried to take over. Mark was not a fan. So he sought the help of some advanced weaponry. Through back channels and several arms dealers, Mark became equipped to battle the moon, and it’s darkness. With a completed arsenal, Mark was now able to take pictures in the dark.


Mark likes people, so he decided to slap them in the face with a bright light, and while they are distracted by this slap of light, he steals their face and locks it in his computer. Sometimes people pay him to do this


When he’s not talking about himself in the third person, or trying to write a ridiculous biography. Mark spends his time in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area, looking for people and things to photograph. He likes other things as well, but you’re here because you like the pretty pictures, not because you share in his love for Hockey, or french bread pizzas…


In closing whether it’s on a computer, or camera… Mark clicks buttons to make pretty pictures.




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